The Movie I Hate!!!!

The movie I absolutely hate is The Purge, it is by far the worst movie I have seen in my life!


My Top Movies

Yeah, I know, everyone and their brother comes out with a “Best Movies” list.  But here on my blog, I am the only judge.  No one else gets to vote!

It was actually a lot harder than I expected to narrow down the list to a final five.  That’s why I added an “Honorable Mention” at the end – so I wouldn’t be leaving the others out entirely.

So… ready to see the list?  Here we go…

The first movie I like is Fast Five.

The movie I absolutely hate is The Purge.

Titanic is coming out in 3D!

Just found out that Titanic is being released in 3D for the first time.  There will also be an IMAX version.

Here is the official site for the movie.

Don’t think you want to see it again?  Then watch this two-minute trailer and see if you feel the same way afterwards…

My Favorite Movie of All Time is…

Everyone has a movie (or five!) that they absolutely love.  You know, a movie you have watched 20 times and can nearly quote by heart.  The Princess Bride is a favorite of many people.

Someone recently told me that they had never seen The Princess Bride.  All I could think of to say was…


About Me

My name is John Doe and I like watching movies.   I watch about five movies a week, or more if I can get away with it.

I hope to go to college and major in film studies.  Maybe someday I will be a famous movie critic and be on TV, telling everyone out there which movies are worth watching and which ones they should skip. That sounds like a lot of fun to me!